Friday, November 16, 2012

Samsung to show a 5" Full HD Super AMOLED display at CES in January, might go in the Galaxy S IV

Not to be outdone by LG, Sharp, Japan show, CMI et al in mobile show resolution, Samsung can in its flip demonstrate a four.99" Full HD Super AMOLED show at CES 2013 in urban center return January, sources say.

This rumor is reported  exclusive by a Korean paper, claiming within information from Samsung officers, and that we already detected an identical claim by another Korean publication, however no size was mentioned then. What we are able to grasp from Google's translation, is that Samsung has been dedicating resources into the complete HD AMOLED, rather than mobile alphanumeric display arena, since it's the OLED-based displays that square measure its differentiating issue before the competition.

Given that the Droid DNA simply appeared, the Sony Yuga and Odin square measure returning with 1080 screens next year, LG should not be so much behind because it incorporates a Full HD alphanumeric display panel developed, associate degreed Sharp is currently commercialism an Aquos SH903W in Russia with a 5" 1920x1080 show of its own creating, it's solely logical that Samsung is ready to wow with one thing completely different. The AMOLED panel is claimed to be terribly skinny, with low power consumption, yet as high distinction and refresh rate, that square measure staples for OLED-based screens, however we'll save judgement for after we eventually see it at CES.

The official same the show is with 441ppi pel density, that is pretty near the proper human vision. a mix of the present FMM production methodology, appropriate for production, and also the a lot of advanced LITI technology, that is cheaper, however cannot be scaled sufficiently, is purportedly getting used to reach the 5-incher with 1920x1080 resolution.

It reportedly depends on the production scaling whether or not we have a tendency to square measure to examine this factor within the Galaxy S IV in Q2 next year, however Samsung incorporates a few months to figure out the kinks, and it already established it will do a superb non-PenTile HD Super AMOLED within the Note II with a brand new production methodology, therefore we have a tendency to square measure keeping our hopes high. The supply conjointly says that the Samsung physics chief demanded that a Full HD AMOLED be utilized in the S IV, rather than associate degree alphanumeric display, as that is the company's distinctive proposition, that the engineers appear greenlit to trash another field of show glass and figure it out.

Moreover, we have a tendency to were tipped back in September that Samsung flaunted a five.8" ClorOLED screen with 358ppi, allegedly for the Note III, therefore next year would possibly so develop to be the year of Full HD mobile screens, be they alphanumeric display or AMOLED, for flagship phones across the board.
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