Friday, November 16, 2012

Mozilla launches Firefox OS simulator as platform-neutral browser extension

Firefox OS, the HTML-based OS erst called Boot to lizard, can have a troublesome time competitory with the present players as even high-profile tries like Windows Phone square measure troubled to realize traction. Still, the Mozilla team thinks it's on to one thing with AN OS designed around markup language, CSS and JavaScript, and therefore the next generation internet.

And now, Firefox OS launches AN human for developer to check their apps and curious users to appear around. it's on the market as a Firefox extension and it's pretty easy to put in. The “experimental” machine runs on macintosh, Windows and UNIX operating system.

Once you put in the extension, it'll not blink so far with the newest Firefox OS developments, therefore you don’t have to be compelled to update it to own this version. it's still version zero.7 and waiting to graduate into version one.

It’s main goal, of course, is to induce developers curious about writing for the platform: “the Firefox OS machine is that the easiest method to undertake out Firefox OS apps these days and to verify however they’ll look before submitting them to the Marketplace,” a member of the Mozilla team aforesaid.
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