Thursday, November 8, 2012

REVIEW: HTC One X+ vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Some humanoid makers, like Samsung, did not bit their current high-end phones going into the vacation season, others like Sony or LG issued fresh devices within the fight, whereas HTC took a distinct approach, and upgraded its spring chicken HTC One X to the One X+ specs.

It is the newest newcomer to the grand humanoid disturbance, thus it's solely natural that we have a tendency to shall throw it in an exceedingly bar brawl with the Samsung Galaxy S III, a phone that sold-out thirty million units thus far.

Both handsets have massive screens and quad-core element within, in addition as eight MP cameras on the rear, however the devil is within the details, thus that one can suit you better? scan on to seek out out...


Both phones square measure skinny and light-weight, with falciform styles and rounded edges, creating them terribly technology to carry, to the extent that four.7”/4.8” screens permit. The Galaxy S III feels a small indefinite quantity diluent within the palm, however the One X+ provides for a firmer grip with its soft-touch end on the rear.

The S III does not sport a unibody style, thus you'll be able to pry off the thin back cowl at any time, and swap the memory card or the battery. The One X+ is shut tight, however comes with fourfold the sixteen GB storage capability of a basic S III.

The Galaxy S III sports a physical key on a reasonably skinny lower edge, that is snug to control, and preferred for a few folks before the electrical phenomenon key found on the One X+. Most facet and front buttons, physical or not, square measure simple to feel and responsive on the phones, with the exception of the degree rocker on the One X+, that is just too flush with the surface, and with too shallow of a feedback, thus it takes obtaining wont to.


We have the supposed eternity show on the One X+, hinting at the seamless transition of its edge to the edges of the unibody chassis – a really sensible four.7” S-LCD a pair of screen with 1280x720 resolution, and 312ppi constituent density. The S III sports constant resolution, but on a 4.8” HD Super AMOLED show with 306 ppi density.

The screen experiences square measure pretty completely different, though, and that we do not mean the RGB constituent matrix arrangement of the X+, versus the PenTile one within the S III, that might solely be told if you examine solid colours like inexperienced and red terribly closely for the “screen door” appearance.

What we have a tendency to mean is that the alphanumeric display unit on the One X+ is far brighter than the AMOLED panel on the S III. Granted, Samsung has achieved terribly low reflection factor quantitative relation for its show, however the visibility outside still goes to the One X+, because it has pretty low reflection in addition, however is far a lot of effulgent.

Indoors the Galaxy S III show exhibits some typical for AMOLED flaws, like cold, oversaturated colours. The Galaxy S III covers abundant wider color gamut than the NTSC commonplace, and it makes for gaudy colours as compared with the One X+. Its standardization is everywhere the place, too, usually exhibiting numerous color overcasts. If those do not hassle you, but (and the vivid, fulgurous colours attractiveness to many), you'd appreciate the deeper blacks of the AMOLED show, as compared with the One X+.

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