Wednesday, November 7, 2012

REVIEW: Android adoption 6X faster than iPhone

Fresh reports claim that Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 are being swept up six times faster than iPhones like the recent iPhone 5.

Fresh reports claim that robot phones just like the} Samsung Galaxy S3 square measure being sweptwing up sixfold quicker than iPhones like the recent iPhone five.

Analyst Virgin Mary Meeker of KPCB gave a vacation update on net trends to a port of entry crowd recently, as according by school Crunch, and there have been some attention-grabbing figures. Chief among them was the on top of assertion that robot adoption rates have grownup to 6 times that of iPhone - that is up from fourfold in Meeker's previous report of could 2012.

Of course, there square measure significantly additional robot phones free annually than iOS phones, however however it is the growth that is noteworthy.

Other exciting points embody the very fact that robot has currently overtaken Windows to become the amount one OS for net enabled devices - in terms of units shipped, at least. Of course, in terms of put in devices PCs generally still trump smartphones and tablets, however Meeker expects that balance to finally tilt the opposite method by the top of the second quarter of 2013 despite the launch of Windows eight.

Meanwhile, by the top of 2013 Meeker predicts that there'll be a hundred and sixty million robot devices shipped per quarter versus a hundred million Windows devices and eighty million iOS devices.

Speaking of Apple, Meeker notes that iPad adoption is growing in reference to iPhone adoption - 5 times quicker, to be precise. that is up from thrice in could.

If you are continued beneath the impression that we're currently living during a smartphone world, take into account this stat: there square measure one billion smartphone users within the world, however 5 billion transportable users. this suggests that cheaper feature phones square measure still the predominant international platform in 2012 - significantly in developing countries, wherever smartphones square measure still thought-about too pricy.

All in all a really rosy image for Google and its robot platform, that appearance set to extend its domination over the approaching months and years.

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