Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Discover What Facebook Hides From You!


London: A Scottish software package developer has uncovered a secret Facebook link, that reveals simply what quantity the social media network hides from its users.

Facebook filters users' news feeds to show solely a fraction of content denote by their friends and pages they like, mistreatment algorithms to see what they're going to realize most attention-grabbing to browse.

But capital computer programmer Tom Waddington, 26, discovered how round the filter through a special link, that displays all the posts Facebook keeps hidden.

When accessing Facebook through the link users will see hidden posts from pages they need likeable however not interacted with and news from friends United Nations agency usually appear silent.
The link is reportedly associate degree out-of-date one that operates on associate degree older version of Facebook's ranking algorithms.

However it appears not everyone seems to be an acquaintance of ditching the filter, with several on-line commenters admitting they currently like the altered version of their newsfeed.

"I hate to mention it however i prefer the edits that Facebook has done. there's no ought to discover that my highschool adult male vie the words ''glam'' and ''swab'' on Words With Friends," wrote one.

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